Hi everyone, today I’m going to share my opinion about the Fresh Nude Liquid Foundation by The Body Shop. I’ve used it for three months now so I finally feel like I know what type of skin would love this.

I’ll start by mentioning that this product is amazing if you’re looking to get glowing skin. I think it’s perfect for dry and very dry skin, the kind of skin that needs more moisture and protection during the day. If you have combination to oily skin, I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re willing to use it directly on the skin, without applying a moisturizer or a cream first. I have an oily T-zone, mostly on my forehead where it’s noticeable after a few hours. If you have dry skin, this foundation would be really good as its formula is pretty thick, the coverage is medium and stays on pretty good. If you have oily skin like myself, you can still use it immediately after you’ve washed your face and put on some non-greasy serum. I found that this is the best method for me.

If you’re thinking about using a moisturizer before and you have a combination to oily skin, your forehead will shine in a couple of hours, and your pores might clog as well.

Another great thing about this foundation is the nice range of colors that have a yellow undertone. I usually have a hard time finding a good foundation that doesn’t have a pink undertone and doesn’t look different from the natural color of my skin. The color I’m using is Bali Vanilla 020.

Why does it make your skin glow? 

The formula of this foundation is more natural than other products on the market. I’m sure everyone knows by now that The Body Shop is one of the cruelty free brands that try to make their products as natural as possible.

This foundation really works. You will get a beautiful glowing skin from the first application and also be protected from the environmental factors that affect your skin. It contains skin friendly ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder and SPF 15.

The coverage is pretty good and if you have imperfections, this foundation will definitely cover them:


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