Why is our night time skincare routine essential to getting a clear, beautiful skin

I believe the most important part of my skin care routine is in the evening. Therefore I thought it might be a good idea to write about what products I use before bedtime. I will mention what I use in the morning in a future article. No matter how much we love our makeup or how tired we are, cleansing our skin is mandatory in order to have a beautiful skin! ūüôā

Personally, I have tried all kinds of makeup removers: lotions, creamy ones, micellar water and makeup tissues. I must say I’m¬†not a fan of any of them. Why? First of all, I don’t feel like my face¬†is cleansed properly (which leads to clogging pores and to¬†various problems that I don’t even want to think about), and secondly, when I use wipes / cotton pads I feel like the cleansing movements are wrong – you have to pull the¬†skin a little to catch all the makeup.

And so I started looking for other options and this is how I found my favorite shower oil that you can use on both face and body. Initially I used a shower oil from Bioderma, but its¬†perfume was way too strong for me (which by the way – I never saw the utility in using perfume as an ingredient in skin care products) so I searched a bit more and found one from Uriage. The Bioderma one wasn’t as moisturizing as I wanted, either.

The consistency of the shower oil is quite fluid and has a highly moisturizing formula. Hence the name of shower oil, but it’s not an actual oil.


What I find very interesting is that the makeup just slides right off your face, it doesn’t get¬†into your pores when they are opened and the skin remains so soft¬†afterwards. The amount of product that I bought is 400 ml but you can find bottles of 150 ml or 1 L as well.

Uriage is a brand I really enjoyed using, the quality is really good but unfortunately I will not continue buying their products after I finish the ones I have at the moment. Recently I sent them an e-mail because I was curious to find out if they test on animals and / or sell in China. Their answer:

“Dear Amina,

Thank you for your message.

We don’t test in animals. And yes, we distribute in China.

Have a nice day,

Uriage Team”

I was very disappointed to find that they are not cruelty-free. Yes, maybe they don’t test on animals themselves, but they sell in China, where – as a company, you must agree with your products being tested on poor animals as it’s required by law. A brand that has integrity and respect for the planet and doesn’t only care about money, wouldn’t agree with that. That is why I stopped using other brands such as Bioderma, Avene, which unlike Uriage, they even test on animals themselves, not only when trying to break¬†into the China market. Most likely I will start looking for similar products from the The Body Shop, they have incredibly quality products and they’re completely cruelty-free. As PETA say on their website: “What is beauty without bunnies?” … By torturing (because that ‘s what actually happens in laboratories) and being extremely cruel to animals I think we’re turning into ugly unhuman beings, contrary to the physical appearance and the beautiful skin we want to get¬†when using these¬†products that are not cruelty-free. I recommend you join the PETA website to find out what brands are on their black list and those good brands that deserve our attention.


The second product is the Uriage Cleansing foam which I use after the shower oil to make sure there’s no trace of makeup left on my face. Sometimes I go back with oil – washing my face the third time and I use¬†an exfoliating glove from The Body Shop to exfoliate my skin.

The third step is to use a face mask and / or a toner. My favorites so far are: a deep cleansing lotion / toner (I must find a replacement soon Рdifficult, but not impossible) and a face mask with avocado and oatmeal from Freeman that is cruelty-free and extremely good. They both help you get beautiful skin by minimizing pores and treating those little annoying imperfections. I wrote a full article about these two products here.


The last step is moisturizing. The eye cream and the serum are also from Uriage:


I’m really not crazy about this eye cream. Isoliss range is designed for young skin and first wrinkles (age 25+). I would’ve liked to see¬†a little more consistent texture, it is quite fluid and it leaves¬†sparkling particles on my skin after I¬†apply it, that don’t do anything for me. I mean it’s okay I guess, just not great. I know I’ll find something better and cruelty-free so I can’t wait to finish it.


The serum on the other hand, I find it very good and I use it before the moisturizer. The Isofill range it’s designed for mature skin but it suits mine¬†perfectly as well. It is liquid and after I put it on I feel like there’s a slightly sticky sensation but after I apply the moisturizer, the stickiness goes away. It provides brightness and matifies the skin, which I really appreciate but I can’t say much about the appearance of the wrinkles (the serum’s main purpose), because I don’t¬†have wrinkles and I don’t¬†want to mislead you guys. But the point is…I get such a beautiful skin after using it.


I’m very excited about this moisturizer from Apidava that has only natural ingredients. It’s for sensitive skin and a little goes a long way. I found it in a mall from Romania and I thought I¬†had to try this.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, calendula oil, argan oil, carrot oil and honey.


It has¬†30 ml but the consistency is not so thick as I had expected. I would say that it actually melts on the skin, it becomes very fluid (I know that shea butter has this property). The fragrance is soft, very nice¬†and pleasant. Not to mention that when I wake up, with or without the serum, my skin still feels so hydrated. I don’t¬†know how to describe the feeling but you can definitely still feel the moisture when you touch your face.

The last step… sleep well! :))

I know this was a long article but I hope you’ll find it useful. Deeply cleansing your face is the only way to get a clear, beautiful skin.


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