I’m usually going for a more natural makeup but sometimes I feel like I nee something bolder. It really depends on my mood, if you know what I mean. So since I don’t have a Youtube channel to show you guys, I will try to write here what I do. I love goth makeup and I do a softer version of it because it’s not hard at all, you just need to use the right color shades, in the right amount.

So before you start everything, you need to make sure your face is clean and moisturized. I usually start with priming my face to ensure that the foundation will go on smoothly and stay for much longer on the skin. For blemishes, I use concealer before putting on foundation. If you have a dark skin tone, use a red or orange concealer; if you have a light to medium skin, use a blue or green concealer on the exact spot and blend.

Apply foundation all over your face and neck to make it look natural. Many people think that applying a lot of foundation will look good but this only makes it look cakey. Recently, I’ve been applying this really great compact foundation by Clarins and not only it goes smooth and silky on the skin but what I truly love about it is that whenever I put it on I can even skip primer because my skin would get oily much harder and when it does, it actually looks good. It’s pretty hard to explain it, but it’s like the oils of the face would make this foundation look even better on the skin – much more natural. The package is really cute and luxurious, so what else can you ask for?

One thing with this foundation: I always apply the concealer afterwards, I find that it works better like that.

Next, I highlight my skin using a concealer that is two shades lighter than my normal skin tone. You want to look as natural as possible so make sure you blend it completely.

Then, I contour my face lightly and set the contour with a little bronzer. I apply powder and either bake or dust it off. After that I put on a little blush and highlighter if I feel I need a little extra glow.

For my eyes, I start with the eyeshadow primer because – obviously – this makes the eyeshadow pop. Since this is a soft goth makeup, I use a bold color and never use glitter. Use dark colors such as purple, browns and black instead of light colors. I make sure my transition color is not too dark and I usually don’t use more than three shades. I also try to keep my winged eyeliner thin and I don’t go too far out with it. Use the transition color under your water line and finish off with mascara.

As for the lips, I either do an ombre or choose a bold, dark color.

Goth makeup tips and tricks:

· Blend everything using a damp beauty blender using stippling motions.

· When highlighting, make a triangle from the inside corner of your eye going out.

· Use your jawline as a canvas to choose your concealer.


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