Just like the rest of the body, eyes come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Since the eyes are seen as “the windows of the soul”, this article will be about a particular shape of them – hooded eyes. It is an extremely common shape that requires a special makeup because hooded eyes are characterized by excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line. As you can see in the picture above, I don’t have hooded eyes, it’s not my eye shape but what I tried is to show you how I would do the makeup in this case. Most people are born with hooded eyes, but for some it comes as a result of the lid drooping with age.

Hooded eye makeup is quite different from almond or round eye makeup, so here are a few tips for making your eyes look gorgeous:

Applying the eyeliner:

Apply a winged liner to counter the downturned look. This gives an instant eyelift with an illusion of your eyes pulling upwards. A thin line works better for hooded eyes as a thick one takes up the little lid space you have and makes it look like you’ve covered the whole eyelid with black eyeshadow. You will achieve an almost perfect precision of the wing with a soft tip precision applicator than with a gel or powder liner. Also, a shorter wing will give you a restrained lift while a longer one will open the eye giving a little cat eye effect. You can alternatively darken the upper lash line, ensuring you don’t waste too much lid space on liquid/gel liners. Complete the look with a thin coat of mascara.

Eyeshadow considerations:

Avoid shiny and shimmery shadows on the crease of your eye, since they make the skin look more saggy than it actually is! Blend a matte medium color shade on the brow bone instead, to give an illusion of bigger eyes; also spread some matte or dark color under the outer lashes.

Use a light brown shadow in the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.

You could also try to create a raised crease illusion by applying the cut-crease eyeshadow technique. This is done to define the crease by cutting it with a contrasting shadow color, thus giving more space for colors on the lid.

To finish the look, use thin, spaced eye lashes to create volume and length while still exposing your lids. Thick ones cover the eyelids and hide your eyeshadow.

Don’t forget about priming your eyelids! A good quality eye primer will ensure your hard work stays in place for much longer.

Do not worry too much if the wing comes out in a different way every time you apply eyeliner or if it’s not completely straight when you close your eyes. Keep practicing and you will eventually find the look that suits your hooded eyes best. Always use waterproof liner and mascara to prevent them from smudging because of the limited lid space. When applying hooded eye makeup, you can simply use the trick to tilt your head back so that the eyelids open up for an easier makeup application.

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