Everyone can have acne, teenagers to adults. Acne is associated with red pimples which appear on the face, causing an unattractive appearance. But I guess, everyone knows how bad it looks. They go away in time if handled properly, but can leave some nasty scars  that will always remind of the painful journey you went through in fighting them.

The pimples appear as a result of skin pores being clogged, preventing sebum from reaching the top to protect it from harmful bacteria. When these bacteria penetrates the skin it causes inflammation and hyper-pigmentation. The most common causes for acne include hormonal changes, eating extra oily foods, exposure to dirt and bacteria and also stress which inhibits the production of sebum oil to keep the skin moist and supple.

Prevention is key

The best way to deal with acne is to prevent it before it happens. This can be achieved by keeping the skin always clean and moisturized, using gentle products, eating healthy and exfoliating regularly.

My favorite treatment for acne scars? Glycolic Acid!

Once the acne appears, DO NOT pick on the pimples since it may worsen the situation and bring unwanted scars which could have been avoided. However, you need to use healthy exfoliators and moisturizers like products with Glycolic Acid or natural remedies like Aloe Vera, among others. It is also advisable to eat a well balanced diet and drink lots of clean water. In case the situation gets worse, consult a certified dermatologist for expert solutions.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid when applied on the skin

I am going to try to explain to you guys what I know about Glycolic Acid and tell you how I use it.

Glycolic Acid  is one of the active skin care compounds called Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that are used in skin care creams to enhance the skin healing process. It is derived from sugar cane.

It contains the smallest molecules, making it easier to penetrate the skin and fasten the healing process. It is very effective in treating dull skin, blackheads, acne and also extra oily skin. A high percentage of glycolic acid is used in skin peels and it produces maximum desired results if used appropriately and securely.

When applied on the skin, it reacts with the top layer and breaks it down by dissolving sebum and other components that hold the cells as one. In the process of washing the skin at about 10 minutes after application, all the dead skin cells are removed and leave behind a more even, radiant and younger looking skin.

It is beneficial since it provides an even skin exfoliation, relieves the skin of dead cells and thus opening up the skin pores.

I’ve never been to a specialist to have glycolic acid put on my skin, but I do apply it safely at home, myself. The product I’m using has only 12 % Glycolic Acid so it’s pretty gentle with the skin:

I apply it at night and my face stings a little bit, but after a couple of minutes you shouldn’t feel anything anymore. This helps with the renewal of the skin and makes the imperfections go away.

I will be completely honest – I also apply it during summer. However, I’m being extra careful and use SPF 50 whenever I go out and I try to avoid sun exposure until the end of July – August. If you want to try this, I  would suggest to do it during Autumn or Spring when the sun isn’t too strong.


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