Okay ladies, summer is here and I know most of you guys want a beautiful tan. I’ve come up with a few secrets to help you achieve the darkest, most even and deepest tan in the shortest period of time!

Before moving on to the rest of the article, I want to mention how important it is to always protect your skin before exposing it to the harsh sunrays. My advice is to use lotions or oils with SPF between 30 and 50, depending on the strength of your base tan and how sensitive your skin is. Avoid getting sunburns and also don’t forget to protect your lips too by applying a lip balm with SPF.

Now moving on to the best part, here are my efficient tips on how to tan faster:


On the sand: Lying on the beach is not only relaxing but also medicinal in the sense that your skin easily absorbs the sunrays that reflect from the sand particles. You should keep changing the angles at which the sun meets your skin, to ensure an overall tan. You can also lie on reflective gear like reflective blankets and sheets and set them at an angle to ensure all sunrays bounce to your body, and keep turning to expose more of your skin.

In the pool: Who said swimming is just a sport? Since the skin is already hydrated from the pool water, it conveniently absorbs all the sunshine directly and also that’s being reflected from the water. The process is also accelerated by blood circulation as a result of the exercising.


Getting in and out of the ocean or sea to tan in intervals can really do a marvelous job on your skin. It is not the same as using salt and water in a bottle, since sea water contains some important minerals that when they dissolve into the skin, they enhance the absorption of sunlight and thereby increasing the speed with which your skin tans.


If you are not the “lying around to tan” type of person, you are not left behind! Working out increases blood circulation in your body, thus increasing your skin moisture. This in turn creates a favorable condition for taking in the sunshine. Exercising as you tan ensures a more natural and even tan since absorption takes place uniformly. Some examples of enjoyable exercises in the outdoor include beach volleyball, swimming, etc.

Key Points:

There are specific factors to remember in order to ensure a successful tan procedure. These include:

· Exfoliating before tanning: this ensures that all your skin pores are unclogged and all dead skin is scrapped off for maximum absorption of sunshine

· Moisturizing after tanning: to ensure the skin remains supple and the tanning results last longer

· Usage of high SPF oils that stimulate the natural tan: SPF oils moisturize and protect the skin from harmful sun rays. I’m currently using this Bioderma SPF 50 oil that even though has such a high SPF, it leaves your skin beautifully tanned and super soft:

· Always reapply the SPF lotion every two hours or after being in the water.

Safe tanning ensures overall benefits for you, for instance:

· Increased Vitamin D levels improve your health

· Exposing yourself to the sun prevents you from suffering from Vitamin D deficiency related complications.

Self tanning alternative for a very pale skin type

This is a safe way of obtaining a quick tan. It involves using self-tanning lotions, creams, oils, sprays, gels or foams that contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a component that is approved by FDA to add pigment to the skin. It reacts with amino acid in skin proteins to form a Maillard reaction that instantly makes the skin darker. I use tanning lotions in the cold season but if you can’t stay much under the sun in the summer, you might want to give it a try. I recommend this one from Avene that’s very moisturizing, doesn’t leave a weird smell on the skin and looks very natural. This lotion ensures a gradual tan:

Tanning at its best, makes your skin glow and have an amazing beautiful tone if done correctly. If not done appropriately, tanning poses some harsh health risks like hyper pigmentation, skin cancer, among others. It is therefore important to consult a dermatologist on the safest tanning procedure for your skin type.

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