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Moroccanoil Review – get long hair using a good hair oil

Because it’s the first article I’m writing after the holidays, I want to wish you guys a Happy New Year, may we all have a beautiful and prosperous 2017! I hope everyone had a nice New Year’s Eve with family and friends. 🙂 This year we must have as many positive thoughts as possible to attract beautiful and pleasant experiences in our lives. We must set new goals and do everything we can to achieve them. Wish something for 2017 and make it come true!

One of my wishes for this year would be to grow my blog as much as possible.

A couple of years ago, I had managed this with a blog I had back then (ceproduserecomand.blogspot.ro), but unfortunately I deleted it and felt so bad about it afterwards (I’ll never make that mistake again) … anyways, another wish of mine would be to keep my long hair as beautiful as possible now that I have my natural color again, because I dyed it excessively for many years.

I like to try new hair care products because I don’t have a lot of favorite products, I’m very picky when it comes to skin care and hair care. I wrote a few things about my hair here, but long story short, I have long thin hair that gets greasy after a couple of days and it’s also pretty easy to get tangled. The good part is that it has a lot of shine and stays perfectly neat when I straighten it. I always carry a hair brush in my bag (the one and only WetBrush, it doesn’t impress me at all and I don’t understand why it’s so hyped but it does its basic job so I’ll continue to use it) to keep my hair in good shape. Every two / three days I wash my hair with the product I mentioned in the link above, or with a shampoo that has natural ingredients. I have tried many professional products but first of all, most companies test on animals (obviously, I’m so against that!) and secondly, after the first use, they lose their magic and do nothing for my hair. I envy the girls who can wash their hair every 5-7 days but those girls usually have thicker or wavy / curly hair. But I’m not complaining, we have to work with what we have!🙂

A product that has really impressed me is Moroccanoil, a hair oil with an incredible smell that delivers results immediately and also after prolonged use. I bought it out of curiosity because I heard it does miracles compared to other treatments. I was slightly skeptical at first and when I first used it, it didn’t impress me at all because I wasn’t using it right. I was putting too much product in my hand and although it didn’t flatten my hair, it just seemed like a regular hair oil, nothing special.


How I use it now: after using the shampoo + conditioner / hair mask, I apply it on damp hair. As I said before, I have long hair but I add just about a drop in my palm and I distribute the product in both hands, then section my hair in two and apply it. A drop is enough! I love that it doesn’t contain any alcohol like the oils you find in drugstores, but it clearly belongs to a completely different product category in terms of quality since it’s a high-end product. After I’ve dried my hair and eventually used the flat iron, I always put a pea-sized amount of Moroccanoil (much less than the first time) and then I apply it with very “soft” hand movements (have you ever seen how hairstylists apply the hair products? – … with so much care that you’d think the hair would “damage” if they use too much pressure  :)) ). It works wonderful for me, my hair is straight all day long and it doesn’t even tangle anymore.

I bought my Moroccanoil bottle from a professional hair care store from a mall in Romania. The bottle has 25 ml, I bought the smallest one cause I just wanted to try it. Just so you know, a little goes a long way and lasts for many uses. I can compare it to one hair oil from all of the ones I had tested so far. It’s an argan oil in Italy that I have received from my hairstylist, in a bottle that was similar to this one but the texture was less fluid. That hair oil was absolutely amazing but unfortunately I couldn’t find it anymore.

There’s two types of Moroccanoil: Moroccanoil Light – for thin or colored hair (the one I use myself) and one for all hair types. Only the texture is different between the two, the smell is the same.


I’ve received the 10 ml bottles when buying the Elle magazine – January 2017 edition. I recommend you guys try it as well if you’re interested. I personally like both types of Moroccanoil, I always receive compliments about the beautiful scent that stays all day long and about the shine my hair has after using it. If you have medium to long hair it’s really worth the investment.


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