Today I’m back with a review of a couple of products that help me tremendously when it comes to eye makeup. I’m talking about the Little Black Primer and Sumptuous Extreme mascara from Estee Lauder.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the longest eyelashes. Actually, I’ve seen men with longer eyelashes than mine. (Dammit!) But we have to work with what we have and wearing false eyelashes daily can damage the natural ones (because of the glue). Besides, I don’t feel comfortable to wear them every day but rather on different occasions or events, so I’ve been looking for products that would make my natural lashes appear longer.

  • Little Black Primer: this is the only primer I’ve ever used and I never thought it could make such a difference. It has a different texture than the mascara, it seems lighter and you cannot see anything special when you apply it. The effect appears after using the second product. A close-up of the brush:

  • Sumptuous Extreme Mascara: an excellent mascara that lengthens the lashes and gives them volume. I never liked those commercials for mascara or hair dye because the eyelashes or the hair always seem fake, as if they were photoshopped. From everything I’ve used so far, this mascara makes my eyelashes look the closest to the ones shown in the commercials. A close-up of the brush:


I bought the set from Douglas, I don’t have them in full-size. Each tube has 2.8 ml while the full-size products have 6 ml each, if I remember well. A few years ago, I was using a mascara from Estée Lauder that really impressed me back then. I bought these two hoping they will be just as good. And they’re great!


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