Most of us, especially women desire an attractive look, and having fuller lips is one of the factors that contribute to a more beautiful facial appearance. Some women use hyaluronic acid injections which may not only be dangerous in some cases and disappointing sometimes, but they are also expensive. I would recommend to anyone to first try out DIY home remedies for natural bigger lips. Natural methods are much cheaper and easier, they have no negative side effects and their results last for longer if you do them properly.

My lips are medium-sized and whenever I use these methods I see immediate results:

1) Regular Exfoliation:

Getting rid of dead skin exposes a lighter and rosier appearance and also increases blood flow and allows easier penetration of any applications made on them. I use brown sugar mixed with coconut or olive oil for five minutes daily. It will increase the volume and rosiness of your lips.

2) Natural lip plumpers:

Cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, Cayenne oil or capsicum oil: These improve blood circulation on the lips and are easily available in local stores. If you can’t find any of these oils, you can mix tiny amounts of their powders with either olive or almond oil. When applied, it causes some slight irritation, a little burning effect which lasts for about an hour and is always followed by a mild swelling. You can mix it in your most desired lip balm or apply it directly, let it stay on for about five minutes then rinse it off.

3) Honey or Beeswax

Many of the chemical lip plumpers use bee’s venom to perform the trick. You can apply a slim coating of beeswax or honey on the lips and leave it on overnight and you will see the difference in the morning. It is easily available, cheaper and very effective.

4) Massage your lips

Just like general body massage relieves stress, regular lip massage produces natural bigger lips that are softer and shinier. Use any natural oil of preference to massage the lips for about 5-10 minutes then leave it on to be soaked. It heals chapped lips and enlarges them as well.

5) Exercises to enlarge lips permanently

These exercises involve simple activities that we perform daily without knowing that they enlarge our lips. They also tone the skin on the face and help eliminate double-chin. Try smiling and pretend your whistling for 10 minutes daily, for close to one to two months in order to achieve more permanent results.

6) Make-up trick

If you’re headed to that party real quick and need an illusion of natural bigger lips, just apply a very moisturizing lipstick in a shade that compliments your skin tone – preferably a bright color, and then apply a lip liner just slightly outside your natural lip line. Avoid dark colors, choose instead clear and nude lipsticks. Finish with a lipgloss in the center of the lips to add shine and volume.

My favorite lipgloss is Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in shade 465 SHOCK. What I like about it is that it shines like a disco ball on the lips whenever I’m in natural light or artificial strong light and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It also lasts really well and feels amazing. It kind of gives a wet look appearance to my lips.


I always try to take good care of my lips in general. I drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated and also I have a healthy diet. Keep doing these activities regularly and see if they work for you as well!

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