Hair loss is the most distressing thing that any man or woman can go through, especially if they are too young to start experiencing it. It makes you self-conscious because every time you look in the mirror your hair is thinned and its volume is reduced, looking worse day by day. Luckily, there are many natural hair regrowth treatments that have been proven to work against this problem.

Hair loss can be caused by smoking, genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress, pregnancy, unhealthy diets, aging or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is important to regrow the hair as soon as possible, as follicles that died a long time ago are harder to work on that only damaged ones.

How to achieve natural hair regrowth

Unlike chemical products where “what works for me might not work for you’, natural remedies apply to everyone if you use them consistently. The important factors that enhance the natural hair regrowth process include:

First of all – Nutrition:

  • your daily diet should always include foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. These can be consumed in fruit and vegetable servings (at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day) and lean meat serving or beans/ dairy products.
  • spinach and broccoli: these are high in proteins and Vitamins A, C and B which enhance production of sebum which moisturizes the scalp, while antioxidants in Vitamin B eliminate free radicals, giving you healthier and thicker hair. Try drinking natural juice as much as possible. My favorite combos are: beet-apples-carrots; broccoli-spinach-apples-ginger root; apples-cucumbers-parsley-lime. They taste delicious!

Meditation: practicing meditation reduces stress and prevents further hair loss due to accumulated tension in the body.

Stimulating the scalp and cutting split ends: stimulating the scalp involves using a soft brush every morning and evening to brush the hair from the root to the tip, and also massaging your scalp with your fingers (alone or using natural oils like coconut, olive or castor oil). This enables the scalp to breathe in more oxygen and thus pump enough blood to the follicles for stronger hair.

Washing your hair: use lukewarm or low heat water to unclog the pores of accumulated dirt and grease. Rinse out with cold water (not too cold though, be careful) to hydrate the skin and close the pores, to prevent penetration of harmful particles and bacteria. Hot water strips hair follicles of their natural oils, leaving weak, dry hair which falls off easily.

Natural Supplements: you can also take natural supplements, especially protein supplements like Biotin that ensure your hair is taken care of from the inside as well.

AVOID: harsh chemical products on the hair like dyes, consumption of unhealthy foods, direct exposure to the sun for long periods and also heat exposure – dryers, curling and flattening irons.

Advantages of natural hair regrowth tratments

  • It’s a relatively cheaper and safer method. It involves use of locally available ingredients that are harmless, thereby drastically reducing the chance for negative side effects. Of course, you have to ask your doctor first if it’s okay for you to take a certain suplement. Also, be carful if you have lots of allergies.
  • Natural remedies apply to both moderate and severe hair loss conditions.
  • You can try these at home without needing assistance from medical stuff (unlike hair transplant surgeries).
  • You end up achieving an overall body, skin and hair rejuvenation with all the dietary changes involved.

So what I’m trying to highlight with this article is that – yes, you have to make dietary changes to regrow your hair because it helps no matter what caused the problem in the first place. Our bodies show us what they need. I don’t believe in other procedures other than the temporary ones like extensions or surgeries, but I’d say these are more recommended in really serious cases. So go ahead and change your diet and your hair will thank you for it.

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