Today I want to show you a classy way of wearing your hair if you’re getting married soon. I’m talking about this amazing updo that takes about an hour to do.

I love updo hairstyles and I wear them pretty often. I like wearing a messy bun sometimes or something more sofisticated on a special occasion, but this one here I think is perfect and beautiful for a bride. updo hairstylesupdo hairstyles

I think the best way to choose your perfect bridal hairstyle is by knowing what type of face shape you have.

There are six standard face shapes: oval, round, long, heart, square and diamond. Makeup artists use them when they do contouring and hairstylists use them to get an idea of how to frame someone’s face.

  • Oval shape – you have a wider forehead and prominent cheeckbones
  • Round shape – the width and the length of your face are almost the same

These two types of face look good with pretty much any hairstyle, including updo hairstyles.

  • Long shape – you have an elongated feature from forehead to chin
  • Heart shape – the chin tends to be pointy and might have a prominent forehead

These two shapes might want to stay away from updo hairstyles because the bump of the updo can highlight the forehead and also make the face appear even longer. I would also suggest to avoid teasing the hair. You can wear lose curls or even tight curls and look amazing.

  • Square shape – square and bony jawline is a prominent feature
  • Diamond shape – widest at temples, bony structure

These two look great with straight hair because it creates the illusion of a longer face and smaller jawline.

Of course, there’s a lot of people that look good with many hairstyles no matter what their face shape is, so remember these are only standard categories. I suggest you actually try a certain hairstyle to see if it looks good on you or not.

*I think I’ll wear something simple at my own wedding – both hairstyle and dress, just because it’s more my style, but I had so much fun creating this, I think it’s a beautiful idea for brides and I think it could actually inspire some of you that will get married soon.


updo hairstyles

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